Month: October 2016

Is Groupon good to use for restaurants?

Consumers loooove saving money. One way they can save serious dough when dining out is to employ coupons from the likes of Groupon and other online coupon sites. As a restaurant owner, however, you have different criteria to consider when deciding if Groupon is actually a smart move for your restaurant. Let’s examine some of […]

How to design the look of your restaurant

Designing your restaurant will entail decisions about everything from flooring and wall colors to staff uniforms and background music. Consider the following list when thinking of how to create the perfect design for your restaurant. Surprising amounts of research have gone into colors’ effects on appetite. As a general rule, experts recommend that restaurants avoid […]

How to build a patio for your restaurant

A patio is a great place for diners to enjoy a meal or drinks when the weather outside is nice. To build the perfect patio for your restaurant, follow the following steps. One very important bit of information for those with outdoor patios, you are going to need to get rain gutters installed. Trust me. The […]

Should you limit your menu?

As a restaurateur, you want to offer your clientele exactly what they want. It’s an understandable desire to want to be your customers’ go-to dining experience, so you are faced with a basic question: “Should I limit my menu?” In a word…YES. Limiting your menu may seem like you are limiting your customers, but the […]

Things to consider when opening a restaurant

Being a great cook or having a talent for entertaining doesn’t necessarily make you an excellent restaurant owner. This is a mistake many entrepreneurs have made over the years; in fact, over half of restaurants fail within the first year. There are many factors to be considered before you open a restaurant, café, deli or […]